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Applied Music Courses:

Lakeland offers two types of study in applied music. For beginning students in piano, voice, and guitar, there are group lessons available on Lakelandís main campus. These can be scheduled like any other class.

For more advanced students and students on other instruments, lessons are offered through the Willoughby Fine Arts Association of Mentor.Students can sign up for either one credit-hour or two credit-hours of private lessons, equaling one half-hour lesson or one hour lesson, respectively, each week for one fifteen-semester. In addition to the tuition paid to Lakeland,students taking private lessons are responsible for scheduling and paying lesson fees to the Fine Arts Association. For more information, contact Dr. Matthew C. Saunders, department chair, at (440) 525-7105.

Available Instruments:
Voice - Piano - Organ - Flute - Oboe - Clarinet - Saxophone - Bassoon - French Horn - Trumpet - Trombone - Tuba - Percussion - Violin - Viola - Cello - String Bass - Guitar - Harp

Music Courses
Many Lakeland students choose to satisfy general education requirements by taking one or more of our excellent classroom courses in music. These courses are taught by our energetic and expert faculty, all of whom are chosen for their expertise in teaching.

  • Music Appreciation
  • World Music
  • Popular Music
  • Music History
  • Students wishing to deepen their experience with and understanding of the performance of music may be interested in our hands-on courses, each of which focuses on developing musical and technical skills.

  • Creating and Marketing a Song
  • Recording
  • Music Fundamentals
  • Music Theory
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Electronic Music
  • Performing Groups
    Lakeland students are encouraged to audition for our four performing ensembles, each of which presents three to four concerts per school year and rehearses during convenient evening hours. Civic Chorus - Civic Orchestra - Civic Band - Civic Jazz Orchestra.

  • Civic Chorus
  • Civic Orchestra
  • Civic Band
  • Music Theory
  • Civic Jazz Orchestra
  • Transferring:
    Students interested in transferring to a four-year institution to complete a bachelorís degree in music or music education should work closely with the department chair to design a curriculum that will maximize the benefits of starting out at Lakeland. Additionally, students should plan to take private music lessons and at least one ensemble for credit during every fall and spring semester. A typical first-semester plan would include the following:

    MUSC 1050 Group 1 1 Credit
    MUSC 1250 Applied Music (private lessons) 2 Credit
    MUSC 1500 Music Fundamentals or MUSC 1600 Theory I 3-4 Credit
    MUSC 2750/2850/2890/2895 (Ensemble) 1 Credit
    ENGL 1110 (or appropriate course by placement) 3 Credit

    Other general education courses as appropriate.

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