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Do you want to work directly with patients? Then a career as a phlebotomy technician (PBT) is a good choice. The laboratory depends on the phlebotomy technician to collect quality samples from the patient to produce quality laboratory results. To do this the phlebotomy technician must create an atmosphere of trust and confidence with patients while drawing blood specimens in a skillful, safe and reliable manner.

Phlebotomy technicians must set high standards for themselves, and the must be deeply committed to quality healthcare delivery. They must like challenge and responsibility, work well under pressure and communicate effectively.

After completion of this program, students are eligible to take a national certification exam.

Employment opportunities for phlebotomists are widespread. The growth is driven by the increased medical needs of an aging population, advanced in-home healthcare services, and expanding employment with contract laboratory organizations.

Lakeland's Program

Lakeland accepts four phlebotomy classes a year: one in the fall, two in the spring and one in the summer. Be sure to consider the time of the offering before accepting your assignment:

  • Fall - HLTH 1240 is offered in the evening (8 weeks)
  • Spring (January) - HLTH 1240 is offered in the evening (8 weeks)
  • Spring (March) - HLTH 1240 is offered in the morning (8 weeks)
  • Summer - HLTH 1240 is offered in the morning (5 weeks)

The Clinical Practicum

  • Clinicals are four days/week, five hours/day for eight weeks during the fall and spring; and four days/week, eight hours/day for five weeks during the summer.
  • The majority of the clinical opportunities are in the morning (around 7:30 a.m.). There are a few that start around 1:00 p.m. Times for clinicals are not flexible. They are firmly dictated by the clinical sites.

Requirements of the Program

  • Health Career Passport - This document must be obtained from Lakeland's Health Services, Paula Pastor-Hinkel, 440.525.7009, after completion of the following:
    1. Physical form including immunization documentation
    2. Current CPR certification
    3. Proof of health insurance
    4. Criminal background check

Phlebotomy Technician Curriculum (PDF)



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