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Center for Campus Unity

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Center for Campus Unity

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Center for Campus Unity Mission Statement:

The mission of the Lakeland Community College Unity Center is to provide programs and resources that will enhance an understanding and appreciation of diversity among Lakeland's students, faculty, staff and administrators. The Unity Center will also provide services that will assist under represented populations at Lakeland succeed in their pursuit of an education.

The goal for the Center for Campus Unity (CCU) is to form a physical location on campus. The establishment of a Center for Campus Unity is consistent with Lakeland Community College's Core Value of Diversity. As a learning college community, we are striving to become a place where all members of the surrounding community are welcome; a place where all students, staff, administration, and faculty are aware of, and respectful of other cultures and traditions. To assist Lakeland in achieving this core value, the CCU will provide a centralized location for our many existing services, and also provide a springboard for emerging services as needed. A centralized location will indicate the college's commitment to celebrating our differences and send a positive message that diversity is of paramount importance to the college community.

Goals & Outcomes for the Center for Campus Unity:

  • Increase campus and community awareness of multiculturalism.

  • Celebrate diversity.

  • Conduct outreach to, recruit and retain under-represented populations.

  • Provide resources and information.

  • Collaborate with or consolidate existing services supporting multicultural students.

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