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Monday, October 17, 2022 at 2 p.m.A-2100
Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 2 p.m.A-2100



Welcome/Charge Welcome/Charge


Vice President's Academic Advisory Council

Welcome to the VPAAC portal page.  Our next meeting will be in spring semester 2023.

Committee Charge


To serve as an academic planning council and as a forum for discussion of academic matters which have college-wide impact.


Role: The Council facilitates communication among academic units and advises the executive vice president and provost in a wide area of instructional matters, including the development of major annual goals.


A. To address matters falling within the following categories:
1. the development of annual goals for instruction to be recommended forward to the Planning Advisory Council.
2. the development of plans for broad-based institutional initiatives which have their focus on instruction.
B. To receive reports from academic committees and address issues related to instruction.
C. To communicate its affairs and recommendations to all instructional departments.
D. To provide a forum for discussion of technology as it relates to teaching/learning issues and to make recommendations to the Technology Strategy Committee where appropriate


Representation/Method of Selection

Two faculty members from each of the academic divisions - elected by divisions in the spring
Faculty co-chair * - elected by the VPAAC members
Two part-time faculty members - volunteer and approved by the Part-time Faculty Advisory Committee
Two Lakeland Student Government representatives
Division deans and associate provosts - provost's direction

Length of Term

Faculty: Two-year terms, except that each individual faculty pair shall have terms staggered
Faculty co-chair: One-year term
Deans and associate provosts: Continuing


A. Agenda prepared by the executive vice president and provost, and any member of the Council may submit items for discussion.
B. Meetings may be held as needed, but no less than twice each semester during the academic year.
C. Academic standing committees will prepare year-end reports of activities as necessary.
D. Minutes will be recorded by a secretary provided by instructional administration.
E. Minutes will be posted electronically.

*In addition to the six faculty representatives serving on the Planning Advisory Council (PAC), the faculty co-chair may attend the PAC meetings as the VPAAC faculty representative.



Members Members

Member Contacts
VPAAC Contacts
Chair:Laura Barnard
Administrative Support:Rita Smolik


2022-23 Committee Members:

Rick Amster
Sue Baker
Laura Barnard
Jennifer Collis
Heather DiAlfredi (PT Faculty Rep)
Hannah Dye (Student Rep)
Susan Fogarty
Barb Friedt
Nora Gee
Connie Golden
Deborah Hardy
Mikhail Khoretonenko
Denise Lash
Janice Lawrenz
David Murad
Jennifer Nalmpantis
Regina Prosser
Justn Rosemier
Eric Usatch
Mary Wright (PT Faculty Rep)



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