Closings, Cancellations & Holidays

For college closing information call 440.525.7242

Emergency Alerts Notification System

Employees and Students at Lakeland Community College have been automatically enrolled in our Emergency Alerts system. This system will be used to inform you of emergency situations via phone and email. Learn more, opt-in and check on your current contact information below:

Emergency Closing Guidelines

Emergency Closing Guidelines (Download PDF)

The following guidelines will be in effect if an emergency requires the closing of any Lakeland site, including Lakeland's main campus and the Holden University Center.

Information on closings will be available on:

  • Lakeland Emergency Closing Hotline 440.525.7242
  • Lakeland Closings Web Page
  • Local Television/Radio/Web (see specifics below)
Authorized Closing Information Reporting Stations

Authorized closing information will be reported to the following television and radio stations. Any information regarding the Lakeland main campus and/or off-sites broadcast on any other radio or television station is unauthorized and might be inaccurate. The college assumes no responsibility for college closing information on any unauthorized station.

Television  Radio  Web

WJW - TV 8
WOIO - TV 19
WVIZ - TV 25
WUAB - TV 43
Spectrum Cable - Ch. 1025

WCLV 90.3 FM
WCPN 104.9 FM
WCRF 103.3 FM
WFXJ 107.5 FM
WKKY 104.7 FM
WKSU 89.7 FM
WQGR 93.7 FM
WREO 97.1 FM
WYBL 98.3 FM
WZOO 102.5 FM

Possible Closing Procedures

In the event of an emergency or severe weather, one of the following options may be taken:

  1. All Lakeland sites remain open: all classes and activities are held as scheduled at all sites (main campus, Holden University Center).

  2. All Lakeland sites are closed: all classes and activities are cancelled at all sites (main campus, Holden University Center). TV/Radio/Website listings will appear as: Lakeland CC - All Campuses.

  3. Lakeland main campus is closed only: all classes and activities at the main campus in Kirtland are cancelled. TV/Radio/Website listings will appear as: Lakeland CC - Main (Kirtland).

  4. Holden University Center is closed only: all classes, activities and events at Lakeland's Holden University Center are cancelled, including University Partnership classes and Lakeland classes held at the Holden University Center. TV/Radio/Website listings will appear as: Lakeland CC - Holden University Center.
  5. Mooreland is closed only: all activities and events at Mooreland are cancelled. Clients will be contacted individually.

  6. Lakeland remains open but individual University Partners cancel classes: The individual University Partner is responsible for notifying its students. Lakeland can assist when provided with closing information.
  7. CCP students must attend their Lakeland classes if college classes are in session, even if their high school has a snow day. Students enrolled in CCP courses at their home high school will follow the district closings.
Additional Information on Closings

The announcement that all Lakeland sites, the Lakeland main campus, Holden University Center, or Mooreland is closed means that all classes, activities and events are cancelled at the site(s) identified. This includes all special events, college offices and noncredit Continuing Education classes.

If an emergency occurs in the early morning hours, a decision to close the campus will be made prior to 6 a.m. whenever possible.

If an emergency occurs during the school day necessitating the closing of the Lakeland main campus and/or the Holden University Center or Mooreland for the remainder of the day and evening, an appropriate announcement will be reported to the authorized stations and Emergency Closing Hotline at the earliest possible time.

Scheduled Holiday Closings

Lakeland Community College is closed on the following scheduled holidays and breaks. Please refer to the college calendar for details.

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President's Day (observed in advance the Friday before the holiday)
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (extended closure)
  • Winter Break (extended closure)
Non-exhaustive Religious Holidays & Holy Days

In accordance with Ohio's Testing Your Faith Act (O.R.C 3345.026), students may request accommodations for up to three days of absences each semester for reasons of faith, religion, spiritual belief or organized activities connected to their religious denomination, church, or other religious/spiritual organization. Learn more.

Non-exhaustive list of religious holidays/holy days


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