Kent State University (KSU) in partnership with Lakeland's Holden University Center offers convenient access to complete your degree, right here in Lake County! These programs help you develop competencies needed for success in a variety of work settings such as different technology fields; including internet/multimedia, networking, application development and security forensics. 

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IT 11000Introduction into Office Productivity AppsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 110002Visual Basic ProgrammingOnline8/27-12/13
IT 11004Survey of Information TechnologyOnline8/27-12/13
IT 11005Introduction into Operating Systems and Networking TechnologyOnline8/27-12/13
IT 11006Introduction into Website TechnologyOnline8/27-12/13
IT 11009Computer Assembly and ConfigurationOnline8/27-12/13
IT 12000Intermediate Office Productivity AppsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 13000Appplied Security EssentialsOnline8/27-10/19
IT 20001C++ ProgrammingOnline8/27-12/13
IT 20011Java ProgrammingOnline8/27-12/13
IT 21002Network Setup and ConfigurationOnline8/27-12/13
IT 21005Visual Basic Database ProgrammingOnline8/27-12/13
IT 21007Cyber Ethics in Information TechnologyOnline8/27-12/13
IT 21009Seminar in Information TechnologyOnline8/27-12/13
IT 21010Workgroup Productivity SoftwareOnline8/27-12/13
IT 21036Web Scripting IOnline8/27-12/13
IT 21110Local Area Network TroubleshootingOnline8/27-12/13
IT 21200Ethical HackingOnline8/27-12/13
IT 31002Health Information Technology SupportOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36301Advanced C++ ProgrammingOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36302Advanced C++ ProgrammingOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36308Ergonomics in Computer SystemsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36309Programming Mobile ApplicationsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36310Multi Media Development ToolsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36315Certification Preparation in Information TechnologyOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36318Survey of Information Security, Internet Fraud and Computer ForensicsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36320Computer ForensicsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36321Network ForensicsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36330Local Area Network Security FundamentalsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36340Help Desk SupportOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36350Programming Office Productivity ApplicationsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36355Command Line UtilitiesOnline8/27-12/13
IT 36392Internship for Information Technology StudentsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 40000Cyber SecurityOnline8/27-12/13
IT 41010Mobile Applications for Information TechnologyOnline8/27-12/13
IT 42000Social Media SecurityOnline8/27-12/13
IT 46310Technology of Operating SystemsOnline8/27-12/13
IT 46313Virtual Machine Configuration and AdministrationOnline8/27-12/13
IT 46320Cloud ForensicsOnline8/27-12/13
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