Welcome to the Men's Resource Center!

The Men's Resource Center at Lakeland, created in 1996, was one of the first resources at a college or university dedicated to serving male students.  Our primary purpose is to help men plan for and achieve their educational and career goals. 

We do this by helping men:

  • Enroll at Lakeland.  If you are thinking about attending Lakeland, come talk to us.  We can help you determine if your career goals can be achieved through Lakeland coursework.  If you decide to enroll, we can guide your through the process, including financial aid.  If you are 25 or older, our Gateway Program can help with this.
  • Achieve academic success.  We can help you resolve issues that arise both inside and outside the classroom that may threaten your success as a student.  We can individualize an action plan and work with your instructors. Or you can join one of our peer action groups like Pathfinders, for African-American male students, or Gateway, for 25 and up.
  • Prepare for college.  We offer two programs which help men (and women) prepare for college.  First Rung to College is a fast-track GED prep program, and QuickStart to College prepares prospective students for college math and English.
  • Deal with urgent issues. Our open door policy provides male students with quick solutions.  If we can't help you directly, we will connect you with a resource that can.
Articles of interest

Shelley, James. Ten Reasons Why Men Aren't Going to College. [PDF]

Shelley, James. The two sides of employment's trap door. Cleveland Plain Dealer 30 Nov. 2008 [PDF]


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