The Lakeland Community College campus police department exists to protect and serve the college community with fairness, respect, and compassion. We are committed to the anticipation and prevention of crime and the protection of life and property; preservation of peace, order, and safety; enforcement of federal and state laws and college ordinances; safeguarding of constitutional guarantees; and support of the institution's various missions within the Lake County Community College District.

We have come to believe that at Lakeland Community College, "security" is a process coordinated by the campus police that requires commitment and involvement on the part of the entire college community. We are dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life on the Lakeland campus and will attempt to fulfill this important obligation by working as a team to effectively implement the concept of community-oriented policing within this complex environment.

Lakeland's police department bears primary responsibility for safety on campus. Operating as an autonomous police district since 1975, Lakeland police officers are trained in law enforcement, fire safety, first aid, and hazardous materials disposal, and exercise full police powers. The campus police department operates a 24-hour emergency communications and dispatch center linked directly to a regional, statewide, and national communications system. Campus police communications officers continuously monitor security cameras and alarm systems, and handle walk-in clients at the dispatch desk.

Police communications officers service the college shuttle bus fleet by handling calls for pickup/drop-off. The police department is also directly involved in other aspects of campus safety. Police personnel conduct regular crime prevention workshops with various groups on campus.

Lakeland campus police
Lakeland Community College Campus Police

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