Lakeland's Testing Center has returned to in-person testing for all placement tests. Limited remote testing is available on a case-by-case basis for the college placement test only. View our hours of operation and location.

Students registered with the student accommodation center should contact their instructor and the student accommodation center to make arrangements for their testing needs.

Additional proctor services, administration of the Pearson-Vue test and administration of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) remain suspended for spring semester 2021.

prepare for the placement test

How to use Lakeland's Test Center
  1. Present an official government-issued ID (i.e., passport, driver's license, state ID) or high school ID with name and photo to the test center proctor. Not permitted in the test center are:
    1. Mobile phones (will be turned off and stored).
    2. Outer coats, hats/head covers (except for health or religious reasons). A pull-over or zipped hoodie is permitted, but must be worn during testing (cannot be removed).
    3. Watches of any type, Fitbits, or any other electronic devices.
    4. Personal calculators.
    5. Pencils or scrap paper (will be provided).
  2. Read the test center agreement form poster on the test center bulletin board before entering the test center.
  3. Tests must be completed before leaving the test center and students will not be permitted to re-enter the room after beginning to take a test.
  4. Please allow yourself enough time to complete the test before the test center posted closing time. All tests must begin at least 30 minutes prior to posted closing time.
  5. No children are allowed in the test center.


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