Sold is a heartbreaking film about a 12-year-old Nepali girl who finds herself trapped in the horrors of child sex trafficking, living in a brothel in India. Her story vividly illuminates the practices used by human traffickers. Since its initial theatrical release in April, Sold has evolved into a global campaign with partners that include Save the Children, World Vision, the United Nations and others. Come hear this story and learn how to respond to trafficking which happens in Ohio as well. MORE INFO
The key to becoming a successful college student is learning how to study smart. Our College Success Workshops provide the opportunity for you to develop effective learning strategies that can help you be successful in any course. MORE INFO
If you are facing a financial emergency, we may be able to help. MORE INFO
Welcome to the Women's Center!

What does the Women's Center do? We support women!

Whether you are a Lakeland Community College student or community member, we are here for you. If you need assistance with employment issues or a career change, want help solving a family matter, or are faced with an emergency, we can help. The Women Center maintains a network with agencies throughout Lake County that meet women's needs. We will brainstorm options, provide you with pertinent materials, or refer you, if necessary, to another agency or college that can help you handle your situation.

How Can the Women's Center Help Me? In the Women's Center, you will experience an encouraging environment where you can the find the support you need while making connections with other women who share your goals for a better future. You can also learn about all the resources available to you on campus and in the community. You will find that you are not alone. If you would like to start college but are intimidated by the process, call us and we can walk you through each step. If you are currently enrolled, but find that life is getting in the way of your education, let us know.

Our Mission
  • Provide resources, connections and support for women who want to broaden their horizons and make changes in their lives.
  • Encourage and empower women to meet their educational goals.


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