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Make the most of your summer by registering for classes at Lakeland Community College.

Summer 2022 Registration Opens March 7

With credits that easily transfer to most four-year colleges and universities, it's easy to get ahead or catch up on coursework. And our low tuition will save you money!

  • Full summer session begins June 13
  • First summer session begins May 23
  • Second summer session begins June 29

A student enrolled at a college or university who wishes to enroll for one term only at Lakeland Community College and who plans to return to his/her former school for further study may attend Lakeland as a transient student. Click here for visiting (transient) student information.

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Scholarships Are Available

Apply for scholarships to help pay for college!

Your success is important to the Lakeland community. Let us help lower, or even remove barriers that may be in your path:

  • Financial concerns? Let us help you find a solution. From over 130 scholarship funds to federal stimulus dollars and state funded grants, Lakeland has funding available. Let's find out what you are eligible for – call the student service center at 440.525.7050.
  • Technology concerns? Let us get you connected! Find technology resources available to Lakeland students.
  • Food concerns? Lakeland Cares Cupboard is stocked with food and personal hygiene items. From produce to meats and nonperishable food items to soap, shampoo and toothpaste, we have you covered.

It's easy to apply to Lakeland and for free financial assistance.

Now more than ever, opportunity starts here!

Meeting with a Counselor

Counseling and Advising appointments are currently being held remotely and in person. To make an appointment call 440.525.7200.

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Visiting (Transient) Student

Visiting students are currently attending another university or college and would like to take courses at Lakeland Community College for one term and have the credits transferred back to their home institution.

Visiting students must complete Lakeland's Application for Admissions. And, to ensure the course(s) taken at Lakeland will transfer, the Visiting Student Registration Form must be completed by the appropriate official at the visiting student's home institution. This completed form must be received by Lakeland prior to registration.

Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid at Lakeland. And, final grades are not automatically sent from Lakeland to the visiting student's home institution; an official transcript must be requested upon completion of the course(s).

Contact Lakeland's Registrar's Office for more information.

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No application fee for new applicants enrolled for summer 2022!

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