Make the most of your summer by registering for classes at Lakeland Community College.

*Special Notices for 2020*
Summer 2020 registration online only

Students interested in registering for summer term must to do so online. The Student Service Center and Admissions office will be operating remotely for the remainder of spring semester.

Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For any questions about enrollment, the test center, or registration for classes, email


Registration opens April 4, 2020


With credits that easily transfer to most four-year colleges and universities, it's easy to get ahead or catch up on coursework. And our low tuition will save you money!

A student enrolled at a college or university who wishes to enroll for one term only at Lakeland Community College and who plans to return to his/her former school for further study may attend Lakeland as a transient student. Click here for visiting (transient) student information.

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Scholarships Are Available

Apply for scholarships to help pay for college!

All Counseling Remote for Summer 2020

Counseling and Advising appointments are being held over the phone only. To make an appointment call 440.525.7200.

Visiting (Transient) Student

Students who enroll at Lakeland for one term only and plan to return to their former school for continued study are encouraged to submit a transcript or statement of approval from the home institution or they may be required to participate in placement testing at Lakeland.

  1. If you have not applied to Lakeland before, complete an Application for Admission with a one-time nonrefundable fee (Tuition & Fees).
  2. Complete the Transient Student Form (PDF) and have the home school dean/registrar sign the form. Fax the form to Admissions Office. This form must be submitted to avoid any holds on registration.
  3. Register at Lakeland for the approved course(s). Check for course equivalency at
  4. Complete a Request for Transcript of Record (PDF) and turn it in at the Lakeland Cashier's Office (with applicable fees) so that grades are sent back to the home school.


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No application fee for new applicants enrolled for fall 2020!

Staging Enabled