Biotechnology Degree & Certification Programs

Our biotechnology degree program has a more than 96% placement rate into jobs or transfer to a four-year school's bachelor degree program.

Graduates may choose career paths in the medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental, or forensic science industries, as well as basic biological research. Our biotechnology degree program emphasizes hands-on training utilizing industry standard equipment to perform both routine and specialized experimental techniques.

What can you do with a Biotechnology Degree?

Many of our students have taken different, fulfilling paths after earning their biotechnology credentials at Lakeland, including:

  • bachelor's degree programs
  • sales
  • biomanufacturing and microfabrication
  • clinical research
  • automation
  • laboratory research

The possibilities are numerous, and our graduate testimonials featured below show just a small sample of what you can do with your degree!

What Jobs can you get with a Biotechnology Degree?

As a biotech student, you'll learn lab skills to perform laboratory techniques - exactly what you need to get a job in today's in-demand STEM fields.

  • Internships: Get firsthand experience as an intern at academic or industrial laboratories.
  • Job Opportunities: Our grads work at these places: Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University, Louis Stokes VA Medical Center, Frontage Labs, Sherwin Williams, Steris Corp., and many more!
How do I Become a Biotechnology Student at Lakeland? 

Our biotechnology students come from a variety of backgrounds, including fashion design, automotive industry, restaurants, actuary science and more. 

Regardless of your background, if you are interested in working with your hands and like to try and  figure out how to make or fix something, and how to figure out why something doesn't work right, you might have the right kind of mindset that it takes to have a great career in biotechnology. 

Prerequisites for the Biotechnology Program
  • Have passed high school chemistry with a "C" or better within the last five years; or complete CHEM 1100* and pass with a "C" or better. 
  • Placed into MATH 1650 or completed MATH 0950* 
  • Send high school and any college transcripts to the Student Service Center. 

*Please note: If you do not meet the pre-reqs, you may still be eligible to start the biotechnology program. Please contact our program director to learn more.

For Bachelor's Degree Holders

If you have a bachelor's degree in a science like biology, zoology or chemistry, you can get a jump start into the program. Contact our program director to find out how this program can make you job-ready!

Here is What Our Biotechnology Degree Students Say

"My professional background in biotech is a little different from the norm because I moved into the sales arena instead of the lab bench. That said, most of my customers are scientists or clinical managers of the biotech/biopharma/medical device companies. Obviously what I learned from Dr. Deak and his biotechnology program has been a huge asset in my career."
- Scott Adams

"This was an amazing start to my college education. I learned many lab basics in a small-classroom setting, which really helped me thrive when I transferred to a four-year university. The small class sizes and hands-on experience at Lakeland helped me learn and understand difficult concepts that I used throughout my education. Dr. Deak is a great professor who is truly invested in his students and wants to see them not only learn, but understand and apply the concepts he teaches, and wants to see us succeed. I love the field because it allows me to help others through learning and research and make a difference. While I was not interested in health care, I always wanted to go into a field that would allow me to help others, and this allows me to do that behind the scenes. I chose to attend Lakeland because it was close to home and affordable (which made higher education possible for me while also working). I was able to take my interest in biology and make a marketable career out of it. Visiting the lab and meeting with Dr. Deak gave me the impression that I would learn a lot of valuable skills and knowledge, while not getting lost in a large university setting. Today I work at the biomanufacturing and microfabrication lab at Case Western Reserve University."
- Allison Bode

"I honestly didn't want to go to Lakeland. I wanted to go to a four-year college but wanted to save money. I ended up seeing the biotechnology program on the website and thought this would be a suitable program. I enjoyed biology and I researched the field and saw that it has a high job demand. Also - the 90+% placement rate from the program was also eye-catching. Dr. Deak even helps find you an internship which will most likely hire you and if not, you will easily find a job. Research isn't all bench work and I wish more people knew that. I now work in the University Hospitals Seidman Clinical Trials Unit as a clinical research specialist. For students considering the program: Never feel like you can't do something, because you can. The professors in the program love to help you. Don't be afraid to fail, because you will, but you will learn from it."
- Shelby Domino

"It's a long story leading up to this, but I needed a degree quickly. I had been going to school for almost five years part time and had numerous roadblocks. Since graduating in 2014, the biotech field has allowed me to pursue several career paths and develop more skills. I now work for Charles River Laboratories. I would tell students who are thinking about the program: since automation is the future, you will need to acquire critical thinking skills to be competitive in today's job market. This program will give you that."
- Jeanna Gaglioti

 "This is an awesome program. I have learned so much. The knowledge you gain is exactly what you need to land a great job. The teachers are so knowledgeable and helpful. It's a great program! I love biotechnology because it's everywhere. Once you learn how all these mechanisms are intertwined in our life's it's fascinating. I often watch those forensic TV shows and think it's more than just part of the show. Science is an incredible field to study. I chose this program because I wanted to get into the science field. I knew I was a strong math and science student in high school so it was a great fit."
- Natalie Lopez

"I chose the program after speaking with Dr. Deak. I already had an interest in biology and always enjoyed science classes but I was unfamiliar with this program. He explained what types of careers could be found with this degree and provided realistic job figures. I signed up for the "Introduction to Biotechnology" course, which I enjoyed, so I stuck with it. While I was in the biotech program I worked at a lab that processes and cryogenically stores stem cells. Currently I work in pre-analytics at the Cleveland Clinic Molecular Pathology lab, I was offered this job before I even graduated. This program offers a lot of career opportunities, teaches valuable hands-on skills that you will actually need in the lab, and is well-respected by companies that are familiar with the program. There are so many different areas that you could focus on within this field that there is something for everyone who has any interest in science."
- Holly Reichert




Layce Artman I graduated with my associate degree from Lakeland while at the same time graduating as Valedictorian from high school. I plan to attend the Holden University Center to complete my bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Layce Artman College Credit Plus

Michelle Timms One thing I really love about Lakeland and being in the honors program is that the teachers have small classes and they are very devoted to their students. My friends at four-year institutions are taking the same intro classes that I am, but in large lecture halls with a lot more students. Michelle Timms Associate of Arts

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