Return Policies

First five days of the 16-week term, with receipt and current class schedule.


First four weeks of 16-week term with receipt, current class schedule and proof of drop

First five days of five and eight week terms.

First day of terms shorter than five weeks.

Last Day for Spring Semester Full Refunds
Spring 16-WeekJanuary 23, 2017
Spring 16-Week with Drop SlipFebruary 10, 2017
Spring 2nd 8-WeekMarch 24, 2017

New textbooks must be free from soil, markings and names. Wrapped packages must be in their original shrink packaging. All sales are final if purchased after the refund deadline.

General Merchandise

Merchandise can be returned within two weeks of date of purchase with receipt.

Software and electroncis may be returned within two weeks of date of purchase if unopened.

All refunds are at the discretion of Bookstore management.

Textbook Rental Policies
  1. Renter is registered and enrolled as a Spring 2017 Lakeland Community College student and has chosen to enter into this rental agreement.
  2. Renter is at least 18 and is in receipt of the rental book(s) shown on the receipt. Renter acknowledges that the book(s), whether new or used, is in good condition. Rental books, for a full refund, must be returned within the first five days of the semester: January 23, 2017.
  3. Renter will return the book(s) and all the component parts, including CDs, DVDs, etc., in good salable condition as determined by the bookstore.
  4. Renter is responsible for loss from any cause, including theft, or return in unsalable condition, such as but not limited to, damage caused by liquids (rain, coffee, etc.), tooth marks (rodents, pets, etc.), missing component parts, missing pages, torn covers and spine damage.
  5. Renter will return the book(s) to the bookstore no later than the rental return due date: May 13, 2017. Renter will be charged a $5.00 late fee and any applicable sales tax after that date for each late book.
  6. If renter fails to return the book(s) by the considered lost date, May 19, 2017, renter will pay the bookstore the full price of the book minus the previously paid rental fee plus any applicable sales tax. Renter authorizes the bookstore or their designee to withdraw/charge the same debit//credit card account that was used to secure the rental transaction.
  7. The Lakeland Bookstore may send up to five reminders to renter's preferred email. We may also contact renter by telephone if renter fails to return rental book(s). Failure to return rental book(s) may result in an academic hold being placed on renter's student account. Holds may affect renter's ability to rent books, request transcripts, and enroll in classes. Renter has read this disclosure and agrees that the Lakeland Bookstore may contact renter via email and telephone.
Spring 2017 Key Rental Dates
Last Day for a Full RefundJanuary 23, 2017
Rental Return Due DateMay 13, 2017
All Books Not Returned are Considered LostMay 19, 2017



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