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I want to work with patients    •    I want to work in a science lab or office (no patients) 

  • Remember the 4-digit code for the program you're interested in – enter it under "Enrollment Information" when you apply!
  • Not sure how you want to make a difference in the health care field yet? You can start by taking a pre-req like Medical Terminology (HLTH 1215) and decide later! 
These areas work directly with patients:
  These areas work behind the scenes in labs:
These areas work in an office setting with computers and software:

*Short-term Certificate Grants of up to $2,000 are available per short-term certificate. Maximum of three awards per student. Student must successfully complete one short-term certificate before receiving an award for another short-term certificate. See the application for complete details.

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Technical Standards for Multiskilled Health Technologies

Students pursuing Multiskilled Health Technologies certificate options are admitted based on their academic dimension. In addition, learners must possess visual, auditory, tactile and motor abilities to allow him/her to gather data from written materials, oral presentations by patient and their family, health care personnel, colleagues, by observing a patient and his/her environment, by observing clinical procedures performed by others, by reading digital or analog representations of physiologic phenomena, and by performing a basic examination or performing a medical procedure on a patient. 

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