Lakeland Community College values feedback and questions from our students and other stakeholders regarding our programs, services, and processes.

To that end, the college has enacted policies and procedures for the intake and review of complaints. Some of these policies are specific, for example, Title IX complaints are addressed in college policies 3354:2-20-02 and 3354:2-20-74 and related procedure HR20-74A. Other policies, such as the Student Complaint Policy 3354:2-61-11 are broader in nature and can be adapted to complaints not otherwise addressed through an existing policy or procedure. The entirety of Lakeland Community College's policies can be accessed here.

Please use the forms below to file a complaint, ask a question, or give a compliment. These forms are used to address and resolve issues and inform Lakeland's continuous quality improvement efforts.

A complaint is a concern or dissatisfaction with a person, service, or process that may require clarification, investigation, and resolution. All complaints received by Lakeland Community College employees should be documented. 

A complaint is considered informal when it is expressed verbally (in-person or phone) or by email.  If the informal complaint process has been completed but not resolved to satisfaction, then the complainant may choose to file a formal complaint.

Lodging a Complaint

Please fill out the appropriate form below based on your complaint type.

Do you have a complaint related to your experiences in the classroom? Do you have a concern about grades, attendance, or have you encountered another issue that has negatively impacted your learning? Use this form to file a concern or complaint related to your academic success.  

View Lakeland's procedure on Student Initiated Complaints.

Do you have a concern about service you received outside of the classroom at Lakeland Community College? Use this form to file a complaint related to student services or support.  

View Lakeland's procedure on Student Initiated Complaints

Lakeland is committed to providing the highest level of service for its students, faculty, staff, and members of the community we serve. We recognize that, on occasion, complaints may be raised about college services, administrative practices, facilities, or interactions with employees. The institution uses this feedback to improve the quality and effectiveness of its services.

Please take a moment to tell us about your incident/concern.

Do you have a concern with or would you like to report sexual harassment, gender discrimination, sexual misconduct and/or an assault? Use this form to report a Title IX related issue.  

View Lakeland's Sexual Misconduct and Title IX procedures.

Are you having problems accessing online content? Do you need an accommodation? Use this form to report an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) related issue.  

View Lakelands policies on academic or non-academic accessibility issues.

Did you have a great experience at Lakeland? Was someone super helpful? Let us know how we're doing by completing this form.  

Do you need additional information about programs or services offered at Lakeland? Let us help you by completing this form.

For emergencies, please contact the Lakeland Campus Police at 440.525.7241.

For technical support, please contact the help desk.

Students have the right to consult the Ohio Department of Higher Education or the Higher Learning Commission, using the links below. Out-of-State Distance Learning students who feel their complaint was not addressed by Lakeland Community College's complaint process can issue complaints through their home state's agency using the "Out-of-State" link below.


Ianny Martinez I came to Lakeland not knowing anything. I wanted to help people and I knew that I had to go to school to learn about health care. I am so happy that I did this. Lakeland changed my life. Ianny Martinez Medical Assisting

Elizabeth Brassell Lakeland opened the doors of opportunity for me to begin my future. Through Phi Theta Kappa I found my passion for leadership and service. Lakeland has molded me to embrace an unlimited future. Elizabeth Brassell Associate of Arts

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