Lakeland Community College began in 1967 and was the first college in Ohio to be established by a popular vote of the people. The College's very beginnings were the result of the hard work, dedication and persistence of a group of individuals committed to their vision of higher learning for people in Northeast Ohio.  Learn more about how far the college has come in the past 50+ years:

Nearly 1,000 full and part-time employees contribute to Lakeland's success. A "students first" culture, an attractive and well-maintained campus, and an atmosphere of shared governance and collegiality, coupled with competitive wages and benefits, are some of the reasons these individuals share their talents by working at the college.

If you wish to learn about current vacancies at the college, please visit our Positions Available page. Lakeland Community College is an equal access and equal opportunity employer. We have a strong commitment to the principle of diversity and, in that spirit, seek a broad spectrum of candidates.

What to know if you are applying for employment

We appreciate your cooperation with the College's hiring processes, including our requests that you apply only for posted vacancies and that you not telephone the department for information about vacant positions. Our announcements of vacant positions are generally very detailed. However, if your interest in a position is contingent upon information not available in the posting, we request that you submit your question via email. You may submit your question to

We appreciate the interest each candidate expresses in applying for employment at Lakeland. Notifications will be provided via email when a position has been filled.

Background Checks

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of our students, employees, and visitors, we require all finalists for employment with the College to submit their fingerprints to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (and Federal Bureau of Investigation, as appropriate) in order to obtain a criminal history background report. (The Human Resources Department has the technology for submitting digital fingerprint images.) Convictions do not preclude employment with the College. Several factors are considered when evaluating a candidate's criminal conviction history relative to his/her eligibility for employment with the College. These factors include the nature of the crime, age at the time, the time that has elapsed since the conviction and/or relevance to the position for which the candidate has applied and is being considered.

Official Transcripts/Licensure/Certification Requirements

If a position has educational or certification requirements, an offer of employment is contingent on receipt of your official transcripts and/or proof of required licensure or certification which must be maintained throughout the duration of employment at the College.


The College does not permit the employment of relatives, in any status or capacity, within the same administrative unit (Generally defined as reporting to the same supervisor, manager, or administrator).  We define relatives to include:

  • Parents: including in-laws, step-parents and grandparents
  • Siblings: including in-laws and step-brothers and sisters
  • Spouse
  • Children: including step-children and grandchildren
  • Aunts and uncles
  • First cousins

If you are uncertain whether or not this policy applies to your situation, please contact the Director for Human Resources.


Layce Artman I graduated with my associate degree from Lakeland while at the same time graduating as Valedictorian from high school. I plan to attend the Holden University Center to complete my bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Layce Artman College Credit Plus

Michelle Timms One thing I really love about Lakeland and being in the honors program is that the teachers have small classes and they are very devoted to their students. My friends at four-year institutions are taking the same intro classes that I am, but in large lecture halls with a lot more students. Michelle Timms Associate of Arts

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