• Crosswalk
    The crosswalk is a chart that aligns the goals of Lakeland's Strategic Plan with the Higher Learning Commission's Five Criteria and AQIP's Six Categories.
  • Lakeland's Strategic Plan "Focus on Student Success 2020"
    Lakeland's strategic planning processes are aligned with our AQIP processes. The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) structure was reorganized to include both functions of strategic planning and AQIP Coordination – both reporting directly to the President's Advisory Council (PAC.) This facilitates coordination of AQIP activities with other college priorities.

  • 2018 AQIP Systems Portfolio
    Lakeland's Systems Portfolio covers the nine AQIP Categories describing processes, results, and improvement in each system, and shows evidence that the institution continues to meet The HLC's five Criteria for Accreditation.
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