Curriculum & Transfer

Recommended Courses

After completing the admission criteria and while waiting for entrance into the program, it is highly recommended that the student use this time to complete any of the following courses.

BIOL 2220 Anatomy and Physiology II PSYC 1500 Introduction to Psychology
ENGL 1100/1111 English Composition IMATH 1330 Statistics for the Health Sciences (or higher Math)
Arts & Humanities ElectiveCOMM 1000 Effective Public Speaking
or COMM 1100 Effective Interpersonal Communications
Transfer Credit

Transfer of courses from Lakeland to another institution:
College level, general education courses may transfer. Technical courses in radiologic technology may not transfer to every institution. Students should consult the college or university of interest to determine which credits the institution will accept and apply towards the advanced degree.

Transfer of courses from another institution to Lakeland:
College level, general education courses may transfer upon approval of Lakeland's counselors. Technical courses in radiologic technology will not transfer to Lakeland toward the AAS degree requirements for radiologic technology. Students who were enrolled in a radiologic technology program at another institution must begin Lakeland's program as a new student.

Staging Enabled