Second Chance Grant Program

The Second Chance Grant is designed to reduce financial barriers preventing Ohioans with some college credit but no bachelor's degree from returning to complete their degrees. Under this program, any student who meets the following criteria is eligible to receive financial assistance of up to $3,000 toward their return to college in order to obtain a degree or credential.

Eligibility & Qualifications

To be eligible for this grant, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Ohio resident
  • Has not obtained a bachelor's degree from any institution of higher education
  • Stopped attending a qualifying institution* in Ohio and did not transfer to another institution of higher education in the two semesters immediately following the last term of enrollment
  • Will be re-enrolling in a qualifying institution* within five years of their last term of enrollment
  • Was in good academic standing with no record of disciplinary issues (including suspension or expulsion) at the time they stopped attending
  • Not enrolled in the College Credit Plus (CCP) Program
  • Must be pursuing a bachelor's degree, associate degree, undergraduate certificate or certification. (There are no restrictions on a particular major or program.) Students who already possess a degree or credential MUST be pursuing a degree or credential beyond that which they already possess to qualify for a Second Chance Grant:
    • Students possessing an associate degree must be pursuing a bachelor's degree
    • Students possessing a certificate must be pursuing an associate or bachelor's degree
    • Students possessing a certification must be pursuing a certificate, associate degree or bachelor's degree
  • Not a recipient of one of the following state-supported scholarships: Choose Ohio First Scholarship, Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund, Ohio War Orphans and Severely Disabled Veterans' Children Scholarship Program, or Ohio National Guard Scholarship
If you meet the above criteria

If you are eligible to receive the Second Chance Grant, you will be notified via email with the next steps. If you are registered for classes, the Second Chance Grant funds will be posted to your account to be applied to your tuition and fees first with any excess funds refunded to you to use for other components of your cost of attendance.

Qualifying Institutions

*Qualifying Institutions are defined as one of the following:

  • A state institution of higher education, as defined in section 3345.011 of the Revised Code;
  • A private nonprofit institution of higher education that holds a certificate of authorization pursuant to Chapter 1713. of the Revised Code;
  • An institution with a certificate of registration from the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools under Chapter 3332. of the Revised Code;
  • A private institution exempt from regulation under Chapter 3332. of the Revised Code as prescribed in section 3333.046 of the Revised Code;
  • An Ohio Technical Center, as defined in section 3333.94 of the Revised Code.


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