Lakeland Community College's Volunteer office aims to make a difference by contributing to the enhancement, understanding and passion for Lakeland's mission in the community.

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50 Acts of Service

Lakeland faculty, staff, administrators and students will work with community members to give back to the community by participating in 50 volunteer community service projects throughout the year - one for every year of the college's existence.

Click here to view Lakeland's 50 Acts of Service.

For other questions or if you would like more information about volunteer opportunities or community service, please contact us at any time.

Community members and Lakeland employees are hard at work and on their way to completing 50 service projects!


For Lakeland Employees

Lakeland encourages employee participation in service to benefit the college and the community. As long as employees have supervisor approval to spend time away from work at Lakeland to assist with volunteer projects, time away does not have to be claimed as benefit time.

Click here to download the employee participation approval form.

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