Lakeland's Student Service Center (SSC) (PDF) is the one-stop location on campus where students can receive assistance with admissions, financial aid, registration and general billing questions. Students can also visit the SSC to access counseling and advising.

Lakeland's Student Service Center (SSC) Virtual Line

When you need on-campus information or assistance from the SSC, you no longer have to stand in line. The SSC's virtual line gives you the freedom to do other things while you wait, like attend class, study, visit with friends or participate in campus events and activities.

Join the SSC's virtual line online or by texting Lakeland CC OH to 440.276.8163. You'll be asked to enter basic information (name, phone number, student ID number) and choose the type of service you need (i.e., registering for classes, financial aid questions, making an appointment with Lakeland's Counseling and Advising Center, etc.).Once you're in the virtual line, you'll receive text messages of estimated wait times, updates and then an alert when it's your turn to be assisted. You can also check the monitor in the SSC lobby to see where you are in line.

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Ianny Martinez I came to Lakeland not knowing anything. I wanted to help people and I knew that I had to go to school to learn about health care. I am so happy that I did this. Lakeland changed my life. Ianny Martinez Medical Assisting

Elizabeth Brassell Lakeland opened the doors of opportunity for me to begin my future. Through Phi Theta Kappa I found my passion for leadership and service. Lakeland has molded me to embrace an unlimited future. Elizabeth Brassell Associate of Arts

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