Programs For Men

First Rung

First Rung to College was started in response to people who wish to start college but did not graduate from high school.

First Rung to College will allow you to prepare for your GED and prepare for the move to college at the same time. The program will run for 16 weeks along with Lakeland's semesters. By the end of the program, participants will have completed an introductory college level course, Skills for College Success, and be test-ready for the GED. All classes will take place in Lakeland's classroom at the Kirtland main campus. Pretesting is available in Kirtland.


The Pathfinders Program is geared to the needs of African-American men who are interested in starting a college education.


The QuickStart program helps you prepare for college success and earn college credit at the same time!

If you have a high school diploma or GED and are planning to enroll at Lakeland Community College, we offer an intensive 8-week college prep program that will:

  • Refresh your math and English skills to help you get higher scores on the COMPASS placement test
  • Teach you how to take an online class through a hands-on, "hybrid" math course
  • Help you identify career interests
  • Assist you with the admissions / financial aid process

Students who successfully complete the program earn two credit hours toward a college degree at Lakeland!

To be considered for this exciting new program, contact the Men's Center.

The Gateway Program

The Gateway Program is geared to the needs of male students 25 or older.  The program helps both current students and those who are thinking about enrolling.  The Gateway Program can help you:

  • Navigate the enrollment process and financial aid process
  • Learn more about your career goals
  • Prepare for college math
  • As a one-stop resource for questions or issues that arise
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