Student Clubs & Organizations

The Student Engagement & Leadership department at Lakeland provides an opportunity to pursue personal or professional interests or talents through organized involvement with other students and faculty/staff Advisers. Student Engagement & Leadership will also assist in forming an organization to better accommodate your interests. You are encouraged to take an active role in campus life at Lakeland. From your involvement, you will develop skills in such areas as communication, organizational leadership, creative abilities and analytical skills, which will be valuable in both your personal and professional life. Membership in all organizations is open to any Lakeland student. The registration of a student organization shall not be construed as approval, endorsement or sponsorship by Lakeland Community College of the organization's publications, activities, purposes, actions or positions.

Fill out the short form below if you're interested in joining a student organization at Lakeland (myLakeland login required)! If you're having trouble with the form below, please fill it out here.

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