This guide provides answers to your transfer questions and resources to help you become a successful transfer student.


What is meant by a "transfer degree?"

That generally refers to the Associate of Arts (AA) or the Associate of Science (AS) degree. The courses listed in those degrees may not be specific to any particular major. The courses are usually called "general education courses" or "gen eds" and are also referred to as Ohio Transfer 36 (OT36).

Can I stay at Lakeland to finish my four-year degree?

Depending on your major, there may be a partnership program at the Holden University Center which allows you to continue taking courses on our campus, but as the student of a four-year institution.

Can I transfer credits to private or out-of-state institutions?

Not a problem. Lakeland Community College is nationally accredited and our courses are recognized by all other accredited colleges across the country.

How do I know what specific courses to choose?

Yes, it is a large list. Remember, these are the "gen eds" that were mentioned. You have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of courses that will transfer to a four-year institution. You can also meet with a Lakeland counselor to discuss your options.

Find more transfer resources on our Transfer from Lakeland page.


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