Woman of Achievement Awards

To celebrate women's history month, the Woman of Achievement awards were presented in March from 1993 to 2023. The history of this award is rich, and one we celebrate as a milestone of change in the coming years. As such this page is dedicated to the history of the award. Check out the interviews of past recipients and stop by the women's center to see their curated art pieces.

This award was not a traditional achievement award. So many awards available to individuals in their life are determined by achievements that are seen as scalable. The Woman of Achievement award is not about measuring concrete skillsets or achievements that are easily recognizable. At its core, this award represents women helping women, which is a deep value of the Lakeland Women's Center. 

Nominations are based on recognizing what is often unseen. This award focused on celebrating women who succeed in accomplishing their goals or conquering personal obstacles. These women have answered the call of their passion, they invested in themselves, they took a step toward their future, and they have cared deeply for those around them. These women are representation of a community of support and recognition.

In recognition of their achievement, award recipients were presented not with a plaque or certificate, but instead a commissioned local female artist created a representative and unique piece of artwork in their honor.

The important contributions each recipient has made demonstrates their ability to inspire others and their desire to support women. We honor them and extend our special thanks for their efforts within our community.

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