Welcome to Lakeland Community College's Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) website. AQIP is an institutional initiative that seeks the input of ALL stakeholders. As a result, the entire college community needs to be involved in the process.

  • To involve the campus community in continuous quality improvement efforts in order to offer the most outstanding educational opportunities to the Lake County and Northeastern Ohio communities   
  • To permit Lakeland to identify strategic initiatives that will have the greatest impact on its students and other stakeholder  
  • To engage the college's employees in collaborative efforts that will foster student learning as well as employee growth and satisfaction  
  • To help the college's employees come to an enhanced understanding of the college's mission and their part in it  
  • To meet the five Criteria for Accreditation as set forth by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • To maintain accredited status
  • To engage in continuous quality improvement activities that center around the 9 AQIP categories
Learning Outcomes

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The PAC's AQIP Coordination Committee would like to share the successes and accomplishments for the 2010-11 academic year. 

  • Committee met monthly during the academic year 
  • Provided orientation and ongoing support for AQIP action project teams 
  • Updated the HLC/AQIP Action Project Directory with project updates and annual reports of accomplishment 
  • Created a chart of AQIP project status 
  • Attended the Ohio AQIP Coalition meetings 
  • Reviewed highlights from the HLC Conference, Chicago, March 30 - April 2 
  • Updated electronic files of the action projects agendas, meeting minutes, and documents on the H drive (see Administration/InstPlan) 
  • Created an electronic file of the action projects agendas, meeting minutes, and documents 
  • Began planning for the Quality Checkup Visit scheduled for September 2012 
  • Updated Lakeland's AQIP website

SEPTEMBER 2007 - Action Teams initiate work on Action Plan goals

APRIL/MAY 2007 - Action project teams formed
Drafting of Action Project Declaration of Commitment and additional development of AQIP webpage for internal and external communication

MARCH 2007 - Attendance at Strategy Forum
Attendees presented the process to the Steering Committee who further refine the top 3 Action projects

JANUARY 2007 - Retreat to discuss and prepare a draft summary of top four Action projects for the Strategy Forum
The Steering Committee invited key employees who were knowledgeable or had a passion about the priority

NOVEMBER 2006 - AQIP Vote on College Priorities
College employees had the opportunity to cast an electronic ballot to determine the major priorities

NOVEMBER 2006 - Post-Conversation Day Conversations (2.5 weeks)
Following Conversation Day, a series of strategies were used to turn the broad recommendations into 3-5 action plans that would become the focus of college activities. All colleagues had the opportunity to participate in these focused conversations, which included a gallery walk, town hall meetings and advisory committee and student focus groups.

OCTOBER 2006 - Conversation Day (8:30-4)

Higher Learning Commission facilitators present the results of the Constellation Survey at an event known as Conversation Day. The college was placed at minimal staffing to enable all employees to participate in this collegewide conversation. The purpose of Conversation Day was to "Chart Our Future" by asking:

  • What matters most to the future of Lakeland Community College?
  • What are our core strengths and vibrant aspects of Lakeland and our culture?
  • What do you most wish for? What would make a difference?

SEPTEMBER 2006 - Constellation Survey (open for one week)
An online survey designed to help institutions look at themselves from a systematic quality perspective, and determine areas of potential improvement. The 80 question survey was conducted and tabulated by the Higher Learning Commission. Confidentiality was guaranteed with results recorded anonymously.

SUMMER 2006 - What is AQIP?? "Charting Our Future" (4 sessions offered)
All employees were encouraged to attend one session to learn how they could be involved in helping to shape Lakeland's future. An internal AQIP webpage and email address were developed to enhance communication.

JULY 2006 - Formal acceptance into AQIP

MAY 2006 - AQIP Retreat held for key stakeholders, including Lakeland Faculty Association and Lakeland Staff Association Executive Committees and President's Cabinet
The purpose was to educate the group about Vital Focus and decide on Lakeland's AQIP theme and logo.

APRIL 2006 - Board of trustee vote on accreditation process; formation of AQIP Steering Committee; submission of AQIP application; attendance at HLC AQIP colloquium

MARCH 2006 - Attendance at Vital Focus Workshop by faculty and administrator

FALL 2005 - Attendance at AQIP workshop by faculty and administrators

SPRING 2005 - Attendance at HLC conference for AQIP exploration by faculty and administrators

2004-05 - AQIP Exploration Steering Committee formed to discuss AQIP versus PEAQ, as well as to educate stakeholders
Series of educational presentations held (Board of Trustees, Vice-President's Academic Advisory Council, Excellence in Teaching lunches, Department/Program Chair Retreat, Faculty Reading Days)

FALL 2004 - AQIP presentation at Fall Conference Week by panel of colleges that are AQIP schools