Are you an IT&CS student getting ready to graduate? The IT&CS department, lead by the faculty, are here to help.

There is a fund, managed by the Lakeland Foundation that will pay your graduation application fees.

Application Dates:
  • Fall graduates (certificate and degree): DEADLINE: Friday Noon of Week #6 FALL Semester
  • Spring and Summer graduates (certificate and degree): DEADLINE: Friday Noon of Week #6 of SPRING semester.
  • Go to the IT&CS web site and print out the "Counselor Visitation Form" and (DEGREE students only, optional) the "Pledge of the Computing Professional" application
    • The Pledge ceremony will be held in April of each year. Only degree-seeking students are eligible.
  • Completely (except where noted) fill out both forms
  • Go to the Counseling Center and pick up an application for graduation.
  • Completely and accurately fill out this form.
    • NOTE: Your degree is Associate of Applied Business with a concentration in one of the Information Technology and Computer Science areas listed. Your certificate is listed under the Business Technologies area. Accurately list your degree or your application may be rejected by the college or you will have to pay additional fees.
  • Make an appointment with an academic counselor. Once your meeting is completed, have the counselor sign the "Counselor Visitation Form"
  • Bring all the forms to the IT&CS department. Give the forms to the department secretary or department chair.
  • When you reach this step, the forms will be taken to the Lakeland Foundation office for payment and back through the college for additional processing.

Thanks to the IT&CS faculty, the Lakeland Foundation, and the Lakeland community for their support of this initiative.

If you are wondering.... "How can I help?" You are encouraged to contact the Lakeland Foundation directly at

You would inquire about the following funds / scholarships:
The Fund for IT&CS Students
Judith A. Mazzeo Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Richard Tomchak Memorial Endowed Scholarship


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