Welcome to Lakeland Community College's department of information technology & computer science. The mission of the Information Technology and Computer Science department is to provide quality education through a cohesive set of well-researched and designed courses, and programs that are responsive to employer and community needs and that:  

  • prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to assume the roles and responsibilities of an IT professional and/or to further their education in Information Technology or Computer Science. 
  • enhance the knowledge and skills of existing IT professionals within the community.
  • provide technology-related educational needs and promote interest in technological studies for the college and community.


Note on WSR format for Fall 2020:

The Online-WSR course is delivered primarily online using Blackboard. The difference between the Fully Online and Online-WSR is there are some required face-to-face or synchronous (real-time) interactions, such as: class orientation, regularly scheduled chat or web-conferencing sessions, and / or proctored exams. Please refer to the course syllabus for specific course requirements.
Please consult your instructor for course specific details. More info can be found here.

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