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Course Eligibility
  • The cost of books is covered for CCP students attending public high schools and nonpublic high schools with CCP funding from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Home school students are responsible for the cost of books, even if they are awarded CCP funding from ODE.
  • Textbooks are rented using CCP funds and remain the property of Lakeland Community College. Students must return all books at the end of each semester, or they will not receive grades, transcripts, or books for the following semester.
  • Students who drop a class must return books purchased at the bookstore directly to the bookstore with their receipt in order to receive credit on their account. Students are responsible for damaged textbooks.

    **No optional supplies, such as art supplies, cameras, film, study guides, etc. are covered under CCP.**
  • Students who are taking courses at their high school WILL NOT pick up the required texts from the bookstore. The textbooks for all courses taught at the high school will be distributed to the students at the high school. Students will return the textbook to the instructor at the end of the course. Any student taking a course at the high school who does not return the textbook assigned to him or her at the end of the semester will not receive grades, transcripts or books for the next semester.
  • Self-pay CCP students must rent or purchase their own books and may sell them back to the bookstore at the end of the term.
  • Visit the Lakeland Bookstore website for more information.
CCP Probation & Dismissal
Distance Learning and Blackboard Resources

Distance Learning is defined as when a portion or all of the instruction is delivered using technologies that permit the instructor and students to be separated by time and/or place. Unlike self-paced learning or correspondence courses, distance learning includes regular and substantive interaction between the student and instructor. Types of distance learning include: Online, Hybrid (a combination of Online and Face-to-Face), and Interactive Video for Distance Learning (IVDL).

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