Firefighter Courses

Today's ever-changing environment has led the fire science field to encompass areas beyond fire control including: prevention and cleanup of hazardous material, technical rescue training, and assisting in recovery from natural disasters. Fire departments, airports, private industry and insurance companies, rely on the expertise of fire professionals to apply their knowledge of building construction, combustion processes, fire investigation and much more.

Lakeland's fire science technology program gives students many options and students can take as many or as few courses as they need.

Pre-service students complete the program's core courses on campus; in-service firefighters may complete the courses on campus or online. Distance learning students may complete other courses such as English, social science at Lakeland or another pre-approved program at another college to transfer to Lakeland toward an Associate of Applied Science degree. Students can also choose the certificate option.

Students exploring fire science technology may also be interested to learn more about Lakeland's emergency management program.

Benefits of the Program

The Lakeland Advantage:

  • Fire science classes are taught by experienced faculty who are trained firefighters.
  • Students who hold an associate degree in fire science may be eligible for bonus points on entry examinations by fire departments.
  • Students may alternate class attendance between day and night fire science courses at no extra charge.

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