IT & CS Fund for Graduating Students

Are you an IT&CS student getting ready to graduate? (This is only available to IT&CS Students identified by their declared major). The IT&CS department, lead by the faculty, are here to help.

There is a fund, managed by the Lakeland Foundation that will pay your graduation application fees. You need to complete some paperwork in order to take advantage of the opportunity.

Application Dates:

It is extremely important that you meet the Due Dates to complete all of the required paperwork and meetings as indicated below:

  • Fall graduates (certificate and degree): DEADLINE: Thursday at Noon of Week #6 FALL Semester
  • Spring and Summer graduates (certificate and degree): DEADLINE: Thursday at Noon of Week #6 of SPRING semester.
  1. Print out the "Counselor Visitation Form" and (DEGREE students only, optional) the "Pledge of the Computing Professional" application. These are available in the above links as well as at
  2. Fill out both forms
  3. Go to the Counseling Center and pick up an application for graduation. 
  4. Completely and accurately fill out the application for graduation.
    • NOTE: Your degree is Associate of Applied Business with a concentration in one of the Information Technology and Computer Science areas listed. Your certificate is listed under the Business Technologies area. Accurately list your degree or your application may be rejected by the college or you will have to pay additional fees.
  5. Make an appointment with an academic counselor. Once your meeting is completed, have the counselor sign the "Counselor Visitation Form"
  6. All the forms need to be submitted to your instructor for ITIS2890 (IT&CS Capstone Course) or the IT&CS Administrative Assistant.

When you've submitted your forms, they will be taken to the Lakeland Foundation office for payment and back through the college for additional processing.

This is only for declared IT&CS majors. 

Thanks to the IT&CS faculty, the Lakeland Foundation, and the Lakeland community for their support of this initiative.

How can I help or donate?

Please contact the Lakeland Foundation directly and ask about about the following funds/scholarships:

  • The Fund for IT&CS Students
  • Judith A. Mazzeo Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Richard Tomchak Memorial Endowed Scholarship


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