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Frequently Asked Questions – IT&CS Programs

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What's the difference between the Information Systems and the Information Technology degree program?

Great question!  People who are in the field of information systems work as the bridge between technology and people.  Information technology focuses on helping people utilize and make sense of that system

What is the difference between an AS,  AA and AAB degree?

AS, Associate of Science and AA, Associate of Arts prepare a student for transfer to a 4-year institution to pursue their bachelor's degree.

AAB, Associates of Applied Business are "career" programs which prepare students for employment.

Do I need a bachelor's degree?


Lakeland's IT&CS AAB programs prepare students with the knowledge and skills to be hired in their field of study. Oftentimes, IT&CS employers will pay for tuition toward earning a bachelor's degree if the employee wishes to pursue additional education later.

What is the big deal with earning a credential?

An IT certification is a recognized benchmark mapped to a specific skill set based on standardized testing. A certification demonstrates your dedication, motivation and technical knowledge on a specific platform and can make you more marketable.

I have questions about my specific program, Who can I talk to?

Here are the professors in charge of our degree programs

Data Analytics

  • Jen Crissman (

Programming Software & Web Development

  • Joe Kozlevcar (
  • Perry Tonni (

End-User Support

  • Sue Baker (


  • Nick DiTirro (

Operating Systems and Network

  • Nick DiTirro (
  • Tony Slabicki (

Computer Science

  • Becky Grasser (


Staging Enabled