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Because it has been estimated that nearly three quarters of the American population have never been exposed to the liberal arts, the humanities department at Lakeland was created. Our courses very often serve as launching points for the students to the more specific studies of art history, philosophy, history and literature. Generally, students are introduced to the basic building blocks of a variety of the liberal arts with the intention that this will aid not only in the determining of a more specific interest, but also in preparing the student for the rigors of the new discipline.

The messages evoked in the liberal arts are powerful ones indeed. They can convey new ideas; snap the bindings of suffocating prejudices; and sharpen one's ability to think clearly, creatively and analytically. Generally then, humanities courses provide the keys necessary to unlock the door to a better understanding of the wonders of the arts, and in doing so, allow the student the opportunity to participate in a life more enriched in the arts.

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