Procedure Number: CP81-02
Title: Fire Safety Procedures
Date Approved:
Updated & Approved:
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The fire inspection function and the servicing of fire safety equipment is the responsibility of the Campus Police Division. The following procedures have been adapted to guarantee reasonable levels of compliance.

  1. Fire Inspections
    1. All fire inspectors, fire safety personnel, insurance company consultants, etc., coming onto campus will be directed to the Campus Police Department where they will be asked to register and where arrangements can be made to provide a suitable escort of any tour(s) of the facility. Whenever possible, representatives of the Physical Plant and/or Campus Police Department will accompany inspectors on their tours of the facility to save time, answer questions, etc.
    2. Citations issued by fire authorities will be directed to the Vice President for Administrative Services through the Chief of Police. The Vice President will assign the responsibility for corrective action to the cognizant administrator with notification of such action to the Chief of Police. The Chief will monitor and report compliance within the deadline(s) established in the citation.
    3. Recommendations for corrective action from insurance company representatives, special consultants, prospective bidders, etc., will be directed to the Chief of Police for distribution to proper authorities.
    4. Internal "Notices of Violation" can be generated by the Campus Police Department in cases where college employees detect hazards requiring corrective action, or as a result of routine regular inspections.
      1. The "Notice of Violation" will be given a complaint control number by the college Police Department and will be routed to the appropriate cost center manager for corrective action.
      2. Where appropriate, a "Notice of Violation" requesting corrective action by the Physical Plant Department will be directed to the Supervisor of Physical Plant with a request for priority attention. In such cases, a copy shall be forwarded to the Vice President for Administrative Services and the Supervisor of Physical Plant will then enter the request into the college work order system with priority noted as a safety-related request. Project status reports and completion notices will be provided by the Supervisor of Physical Plant to the Chief of Police and the Vice President for Administrative Services.
    5. The Vice President for Administrative Services, Supervisor of Physical Plant and Chief of Police will meet quarterly to evaluate the effectiveness of this procedure.
  2. Fire Equipment Accountability
    1. The Campus Police Department will be responsible for coordinating the fire inspection and equipment maintenance operations on campus. Fire extinguisher, fire hose, and hose cabinet inspections shall be conducted monthly by the college Police Department. Alarm, sprinkler, pump, standpipe and hydrant system testing responsibility shall rest with the Physical Plant Department and such tests shall be conducted at intervals as required by law.
    2. Service contractors working on fire safety equipment including fire alarms will be coordinated by the college Chief of Police. The Purchasing Supervisor will forward a copy of the existing service contracts to the Chief and both the Physical Plant and Purchasing Supervisors will ensure that the Chief of Police has an opportunity to review any and all new construction and/or remodeling or system upgrade plans before the bidding process begins. In the case of in-house remodeling, such a review should occur before the actual work begins.
  3. Fire Safety Information
    1. The Vice President for Administrative Services, Director of Business Services, Supervisor of Purchasing, Chief of Police and Supervisor of Physical Plant shall exchange safety-related information on a regular basis. Records regarding fire inspections, fire equipment inspections and fire safety equipment shall be kept by the college Police Department except for those relating to insurance, purchasing and construction.
  4. Hazardous Materials Safety
    1. Responsibility for hazardous material compliance is shared by the Supervisor of Physical Plant and the Chief of Police. The Supervisor of Physical Plant is responsible for hazardous materials communication, training, transport, clean-up, disposal, recordkeeping. The Chief of Police is responsible for hazard detection, reporting, notification and enforcement.
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