Procedure Number: FM90-01
Title: Facility Move Procedure
Date Approved:
Updated & Approved:
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  1. All physical facility moves requested by any college department must follow these procedures which must be implemented and carried out under the direction of the Facilities Management Department.
  2. The procedure outlined describes the necessary functions to be performed by both the requesting department and the Facilities Management Department.
  3. The procedure also outlines the required approvals necessary to ensure the execution of the requested move.
  4. Planning
    1. The requesting department must provide the following pertinent information:
      1. The current physical locations of the personnel to be moved;
      2. The current locations of all furniture and equipment to be moved;
      3. Provide Information Technology Services with a written list of all telephones and/or communication lines that must be relocated;
      4. The proposed physical locations for each person to be moved;
      5. The proposed physical locations for each piece of furniture and/or equipment to be moved;
      6. The utilities required for each piece of equipment to be moved (i.e., electrical, water, etc.);
      7. The proposed locations for each telecommunication or other communication equipment to be moved;
      8. A brief description of the function of the department proposing the move;
      9. Information concerning available department "down time."
  5. Upon receipt of the above information, the Facilities Management Department shall prepare the following:
    1. Illustrations and/or sketches showing all existing locations of personnel, equipment, utilities, telephone numbers, furniture, etc.
    2. Illustrations and/or sketches showing all proposed locations of personnel, equipment, required utilities, telephones and other communication equipment, furniture, etc.
    3. Incorporate engineered designs of the proposed area to update the current Ohio Basic Building Codes (OBBC), engineer and design environmental requirements and loads (HVAC, lighting, etc.), engineer and design utility requirements for equipment and other accessories, engineer and design required telecommunications associated with the move.
    4. Engineer designs to further accommodate required department functions through renovations or other types of construction and consider future requirements at the same time.
    5. A cost estimate representing the complete financial burden that will be caused by the proposed move.
    6. Item (E) above shall then be reviewed by the requesting department. The requesting department and the Facilities Management Department shall cooperate in modifying (if necessary) the prepared designs and drawings to the mutual satisfaction of both departments.
  6. Approvals
    1. Upon the mutual approval of both departments, the completed designs and drawings shall be submitted to the required entities that will comprise the approval process. This process is not included in, nor is it the scope of, this operations procedure. The levels of required approvals shall depend on the scope of the move, renovations, facility engineering, etc. In any case, the required approvals must be obtained before the move process can or will continue.
    2. The Facilities Management Department shall codify each and every piece of furniture, equipment, etc. in a manner harmonious and paralleled with the proposed move shown on the already prepared engineered designs and drawings.
    3. The Facilities Management Department shall prepare a detailed move schedule showing all personnel, equipment, telephones and communication equipment, furniture, etc. to be moved. This "To-From" schedule shall consider the codification renovations (if any), function of the moving department, and all other pertinent considerations required to complete the move in a satisfactory fashion.
  7. Implementation
    1. The requesting department shall then complete the following in accordance with the prepared move schedule:
      1. Pack all "furniture top" items in boxes and code the boxes as shown on the Facilities Management "To-From" drawings.
      2. Pack all items encased in bookcases or similar such furniture in boxes and code the same as per the "To-From" drawings.
      3. Pack all items located in desk drawers in boxes and code same as per the "To-From" drawings.
      4. Code/label each piece of furniture and equipment involved in the move as per the "To-From" drawings.
      5. Inform the specialized department of any special equipment to be moved (such as computers and other special equipment) and all other pertinent information. (Note that the Facilities Management Department does not move equipment special in nature.)
    2. The Facilities Management Department shall move or cause to have moved each entity with their equipment, boxes, furniture, etc. in accordance with the approved designs and drawings and the "To-From" move schedule.
    3. Upon completion of the several parts of the move the requesting department shall then unpack boxes, furniture, etc. and replace all articles in drawers, on desk tops, etc. and essentially complete the move functionally and aesthetically in accordance with the approved designs and drawings.
    4. Upon completion of the move in total, the Facilities Management Department, in cooperation with the requesting department, shall prepare a punch list detailing all incomplete items of work. The Facilities Management Department will then assign these items to designated individuals for final completion. Only one punch list will be prepared.
    5. The costs experienced with the move will be borne by those parties as so determined by the entities that comprised the approval process described above.
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