Lakeland Community College will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2017-18. Our goals for the celebration, as identified by the campus community, are:

  1. Focus on the future for Lakeland and our community.
  2. Increase participation in, and support for, the college and its programs.
  3. Increase public awareness of Lakeland's role in strengthening our community.
50th Annual Commencement Ceremony

Lakeland's 50th annual commencement ceremony was held May 13, 2017. The keynote speaker was the college's founding president, Dr. Wayne L. Rodehorst. Members of the inaugural graduating class, faculty, staff, administration and trustees also took part in the ceremony.


Historical Photobook and Exhibit

We are working on a "coffee table-style" book on the first 50 years of Lakeland and an exhibit of photos and objects achriving the 50 years of Lakeland's history. If you have photos or memorabilia that you'd like to include, please contact Denise Timms at 440.525.7323 or


50 Acts of Service

Lakeland faculty, staff, administrators and students will give back to the community by participating in 50 volunteer community service projects throughout the year - one for every year of the college's existence. The intention is to complete projects of the size and scope that have a long-term or lasting impact on our community.

View and volunteer for our upcoming and ongoing service projects here.


Birthday Celebration

Lakeland opened on Sept. 25, 1967. Plans for the college's 50th birthday celebration are underway.


Works of Art and Music

We're exploring commissioned works of art, sculpture, music, poetry and other writing.


Commemorative Items

A variety of 50th anniversary items will be available.

Visit this site often to see what new events and activities have been added.

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