Curriculum & Transfer

Lakeland Community College offers an array of art courses intended for the general education student, beginning and experienced artist, and coursework that will allow the student to complete the first two years of a Bachelor of Arts, with transfer options to a number of institutions. Students interested in a degree related to the arts should complete Lakeland's Associate of Arts degree.

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General Education Courses

The Fine Arts Department offers general education art courses that fulfill in part the arts and humanities requirements of many degrees at Lakeland. The following courses are in the Ohio Transfer Module and require no prior art background:

  • ARTS 1120 Art Appreciation
  • ARTS 2220 Survey of Art I
  • ARTS 2230 Survey of Art II
Studio Courses

The following art courses are delivered in an art studio classroom where the student works under the direction of a professional to develop skills in that particular area:

  • ARTS 1130 Art Drawing I
  • ARTS 1135 Art Drawing II
  • ARTS 1140 Life Drawing I
  • ARTS 1145 Life Drawing II
  • ARTS 2250 Painting I
  • ARTS 2255 Painting II
  • ARTS 2260 Ceramics I
  • ARTS 2265 Ceramics II
  • ARTS 2275 Jewelry/Metals I
  • ARTS 2276 Jewelry/Metals II
  • ARTS 2290 Sculpture I
  • ARTS 2295 Sculpture II

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Transfer Opportunities

Students interested in pursuing a four-year studio art or art education program will find that Lakeland's courses meet most requirements. Students will also begin to develop, or further strengthen, their portfolios under the guidance of Lakeland fine arts faculty. Lakeland faculty members are committed to making courses exciting, rewarding and diverse for all students regardless of whether or not you want to transfer to a 4-year college, art institute or university, or just take a few art courses for personal enrichment.

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