Outcomes & Performance

The mission of the Fine Arts department is to provide a learning environment that fosters aesthetic literacy and expressive capability through the cultivation of artistic techniques and skills and the exploration of creative traditions.

Upon successful completion of fine arts coursework, students will:
  1. Major characteristics of art: Explain how art combines the major characteristics of style, ideas, and values with design elements and principles.
    1. Identify major characteristics of style, dominant ideas and values displayed in creative arts.
    2. Identify and describe how design elements and principles function as the visual language of art.
  2. Cultural elements of art: Demonstrate awareness of how culture influences and is influenced by works of art.
    1. Recognize and describe the connections between a work of art and elements of a culture.
    2. Describe how a work of art functions as a representation of a cultural symbol.
    3. Explain the nature of art in its use as a form of cultural and social critique.
  3. Meaning in art: Demonstrate how art expresses ideas and creates meaning.
    1. Show how materials are used to craft an artistic vision.
    2. Demonstrate how art can be used as a form of self-expression.
  4. Aesthetic criticism: Exhibit an appreciation for the aesthetic value of art.
    1. Learn to critically evaluate works of art.
    2. Critically evaluate art and defend your position.

pottery wheel in action

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