Welcome to Lakeland Community College's department of fine arts.

The study of fine arts at Lakeland is designed to take students from the fundamental concepts and practices of basic drawing to more advanced problems in two and three-dimensional media. Fine arts courses are taught in spacious and well-equipped studios with the latest tools and equipment and are designed for students pursuing careers in studio art and art education. Studio courses may be supplemented with the study of art theory and history. Specifically, fine arts courses cover topics such as basic drawing, figure drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and printmaking.

Students are taught by faculty who bring a broad array of experiences to the classroom, including work as exhibiting artists. Students interested in pursuing studio art or art education in a four-year program will find that Lakeland's courses meet most requirements. A strong portfolio is usually necessary for admission as a fine arts major in a four-year program, so students will take advantage of the faculty's professional approach to portfolio development. For students wishing to study and practice fine arts purely for self-fulfillment and enjoyment, Lakeland faculty members are committed to making courses exciting, rewarding and diverse for all students.





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