Procedure Number: BS33-06
Title: Tax Sheltered Annuities and Deferred Compensation Programs
Date Approved:
Updated & Approved: 4/13/04
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Any company or its representatives that wish to offer its program to the employees of the college may do so provided the following guidelines are followed:

  1. The companies offering tax sheltered annuities and/or deferred compensation programs will not contact employees directly but will provide the college with sufficient information, announcements, or packages for distribution to all employees. The Human Resources and Organizational Development Office will arrange for such distribution.
  2. The information provided by the companies will include response cards for employees wishing to be contacted. Employees are not to be interrupted during working hours. If the response cards are not returned, no contact is made.
  3. The literature will be distributed by the Human Resources and Organizational Development Office.
  4. The Payroll Department requires a minimum of 12 working days to effect enrollments in, or changes to, an annuity or deferred compensation program.
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