Procedure Number: BS45-03
Title: Public, Community, and Commercial Use of Facilities
Date Approved:
Updated & Approved:
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  1. Groups and organizations external to the college may rent college facilities subject to facility availability and proper approval. Rental fees may be waived for special reasons at the discretion of the President.
    1. Sponsoring organizations must submit a fully completed application for the use of college facilities.
    2. The sponsor shall be charged for the use of facilities and services in accordance with the most current use of facilities fee schedule.
      1. The college reserves the right to levy additional charges for special services, equipment, or clean-up.
      2. A deposit equal to the sum of the anticipated rental fee must be made at the time the agreement is signed.
    3. Sponsoring organizations are responsible for the procurement of all applicable licenses and permits.
    4. The use of college facilities may not interfere in any manner with the normal educational activities of the college nor may it be inconsistent with the purpose of the college.
    5. Sponsoring organizations are required to supply evidence of a liability and property damage insurance policy that names Lakeland Community College as an additional insured. Coverage for bodily injury shall not be less than $300.00 per person and one million dollars per occurrence. Coverage for property shall not be less than $300,000 per occurrence.
    6. Authorization for use of college facilities is restricted to the specific locations and times cited in the agreement. College furniture and equipment may not be moved except as expressly authorized in the agreement.
    7. The sponsoring organization is fully responsible for all loss or damage to college property during the period of use of such property. Activities for minors require adequate adult supervision.
    8. No refreshments may be sold or served in connection with college facilities except as expressly authorized in the agreement.
    9. The college reserves the right to disapprove the advertising of the sponsor which bears the name of the college. The sponsor shall make all advertising and promotional materials available for the college's review at least five working days prior to the facilities usage or before public release.
    10. Violation of any provision of this policy or of the agreement shall be sufficient cause to deny further use of facilities.
    11. The college reserves the right to deny use of the facilities and to cancel any rental agreement with reasonable notice.
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