Policy Number: 3354:2-11-02
Title: Computer Software
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 7/7/94
Updated & Approved:
Related Procedure BT11-02A



  1. Copyright
    1. It is the policy of Lakeland Community College to comply with all state, federal, and international software copyright laws. Under these laws, commercial and shareware software are licenses purchased by the college for use and are not owned by the college. These licenses stipulate that:
      1. Software is covered by copyright which means that under no circumstances can copies be made of the program without the explicit permission of the copyright holder and the college.
      2. Modifications to the software are not allowed.
      3. Decompiling (i.e., reverse engineering) of the program code is not allowed without the permission of the copyright holder.
      4. One archival copy of the software is legal in most cases and is the responsibility of the Information Technology Services Department to administer. This backup copy cannot be used except when the original package fails or is destroyed.
      5. Development of new works built upon the package (derivative works) are not allowed without permission of the copyright holder.
  2. Virus
    1. The college will provide virus detection methods on all computer systems, if possible, and to immediately localize any computer virus infection and eliminate the source. Individuals who intentionally infect any of the college's computer systems will risk penalties, expulsion or termination from the college.
  3. Access
    1. Access to computing resources is granted to an individual by the college solely for the college's use and purpose. Access is a right that may be limited or revoked if an individual misuses the right or violates applicable college policies or state or federal law.
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