Procedure Number: SS70-25
Title: College Fire Safety
Date Approved: 1/28/97
Updated & Approved:
Related Policy 3354:2-70-25



  1. Coordination of the fire and medical emergency response on campus is the responsibility of the campus police department. The following procedures have been adopted to ensure quick and rapid response to life and safety emergencies on campus.
    1. Fires, Smoke and Chemical Spills
      1. Campus police will be the first responders to any report of fire, smoke or chemical spill.
      2. Campus police will make an initial assessment of the incident and will request fire, medical and college resources (administrators, maintenance, custodial, etc.) as necessary to confine and control the emergency.
        1. The primary external responder for the college in the event of fire, smoke or chemical spill is the Kirtland Fire Department. All requests for service to the fire department will be made electronically by alarm or by the campus police via radio or telephone.
          1. All college telephones, pay phones and call boxes will be equipped with 911 or direct dial connections to the campus police department.
          2. Employees of the college are not authorized to make direct calls to the Kirtland Fire Department for fire or rescue services.
          3. A common emergency radio link will be set up between the campus police and the fire department to facilitate rapid two-way communication.
        2. Upon arrival of the Kirtland Fire Department, the fire chief will take command and control of any actual emergency situation, working in conjunction with the college police department and pursuant to the county-wide emergency and disaster plan, to gain control of the emergency. Command and control will rest with the fire chief until the threat to life and safety have been eliminated.
        3. If serious enough, a college emergency command post will be established at the campus police headquarters or at some other site designated by the campus police chief and fire chief.
        4. Campus police will order the evacuation of those portions of the college buildings and grounds deemed necessary to safeguard the health and safety of all persons using the facility at the time of the event.
          1. The evacuation order will be given verbally or by means of the fire alarm system.
          2. All members of the college community are expected to immediately obey the evacuation order, or to comply with the audible fire alarm, by leaving the designated area and moving quickly but safely outside of and away from the building. Elevators should not be used to evacuate the buildings. Evacuation routes are posted in all college rooms and public areas.
          3. A safe area is at least 50 feet from the building or a distance designated by the police or fire department.
          4. No one should return to an evacuated area until authorized to do so by the fire department.
          5. All members of the college community are obligated to assist persons with disabilities during the evacuation process and help them safely clear the building. In the event special assistance is needed to accomplish the evacuation, the campus police department should be notified immediately so that additional college and fire personnel can be sent to the scene and assist with the evacuation.
          6. faculty members teaching classes will order their students to immediately secure their valuables, evacuate the building, move a safe distance away from the building and not return until told to do so by the fire department or campus police. Prior to departure the faculty member should make sure that the entire area is empty of people and that all windows and doors are shut.
          7. Students, employees and visitors, upon hearing the fire signal or an order to evacuate, shall secure their work or study area and personal valuables, evacuate the building, move a safe distance away from the building and not return until told to do so by the fire department or campus police.
        5. Once the immediate threat to life and safety has been eliminated and the fire department declares the emergency under control, the campus police will give the all clear signal so that people can return to the classrooms and offices and college operations unaffected by the incident can return to normal.
        6. In the event of a chemical spill, the college's hazardous material response team (composed of the college Police Chief, Director of Facilities Management and the Senior Director of Business Services) shall coordinate the clean-up of any hazardous materials involved in the incident.
        7. The campus police department shall immediately conduct a complete and comprehensive investigation of the incident to determine the causes and nature of the incident, evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the emergency response and develop public safety recommendations for consideration by the college administration.
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