Procedure Number: SS62-04
Title: Lakeland Transient Student Authorization
Date Approved: 3/7/00
Updated & Approved:
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  1. If a Lakeland student plans to take a course for Lakeland credit at another college/university while completing a certificate or degree at Lakeland Community College, the student should obtain approval from Lakeland prior to enrolling at the other institution. Failure to obtain prior approval may risk the transfer of credit. Steps in the Transient Student process include:
    1. Obtain a Transient Student Form from Lakeland Office of Admissions or Counseling Office.
    2. Obtain written approval from one of the following:
      1. Students who intend to enroll in technical courses required in the Associate of Applied Business, Associate of Applied Science, or Associate of Technical Studies degree or certificate programs should seek approval from the Lakeland program chair or dean of the appropriate division.*
      2. Students who intend to enroll in non-technical courses should seek approval from a Lakeland counselor, department chair, registrar, or dean of the appropriate division.*
    3. Follow the admissions and registration procedures established by the other institution.
    4. Have official transcript(s) sent to Lakeland's Office of Admissions upon completion of the course(s). It is the student's responsibility to ensure that transcript(s) are received.

*A student may be required to provide a college catalog, course syllabus, and/or names of textbooks to determine course equivalencies.

Staging Enabled