Policy Number: 3354:2-49-02
Title: Religious Accommodation
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 4/6/2023
Updated & Approved:
Related Procedure
  1. Students may request accommodations for up to three days of absences each semester for reasons of faith, religion, spiritual belief or organized activities connected to their religious denomination, church, or other religious/spiritual organization.
  2. Students must notify their instructor(s) of the dates they require religious accommodation in writing or via email within the first fourteen (14) days of the course.
  3. Students who notify their instructor(s) of their intended absences due to religious beliefs and activities will receive alternative accommodations for missed exams or other academic requirements as a result of such absences. There is no academic penalty for taking absences under this policy.
  4. Further information about this policy may be obtained from the college General Counsel. If a student feels that they have not received a religious accommodation allowed by this policy, they should notify the college of any concern or complaint with regard to the implementation of this policy by completing the Concern or Complaint form found at https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?LakelandCC&layout_id=2.
  5. This policy shall be posted on the college website with contact information of an individual who can provide further information about the policy. The college will also post a non-exhaustive list of major religious holidays or festivals for the next two academic years. This statement shall include this wording, "This list is non-exhaustive, and the list may not be used to deny accommodation to a student for a holiday or festival of the student's faith or religious or spiritual belief system that does not appear on the list."
  6. This policy will appear in all course syllabi and include the above description of the general procedure for requesting accommodations and the contact information for an individual whom a student may contact for more information about this policy. Syllabi will also include a link to the non-exhaustive list of major religious holidays and festivals and the disclaimer that the list is non-exhaustive. Finally, syllabi will include the process by which a student may notify the institution of any concern or complaint with regard to the implementation of the policy.
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