Procedure Number: HR20-11
Title: Recruitment, Selection and Evaluation of Part-time Faculty
Date Approved: 1/20/98
Updated & Approved:
Related Policy 3354:2-20-11



  1. Procedures for Recruitment
    1. The Human Resources Department will advertise in the News Herald and the Cleveland Plain Dealer for part-time faculty positions as requested by the dean in the hiring department. All advertisements must be approved by the Director of Human Resources or designee.
    2. The Human Resources Department shall accept applications for part-time teaching faculty on an open-ended basis. Unsolicited resumes will be forwarded to the dean of the respective area if there is a current or anticipated vacancy.
    3. If there is no current vacancy in an area, resumes and/or employment application forms will be filed by discipline in the Human Resources Department. Any questions on qualifications will be referred to a dean.
    4. Resumes and/or employment application forms for more than one discipline will be cross referenced (for each discipline).
    5. The dean will review the applicant pool as needed to determine which resumes and/or employment application forms should be retained on file in the Human Resources Department.
  2. Procedures for Selection
    1. The dean is responsible for making final hiring decisions on all part-time faculty.
    2. When a vacancy is identified, the dean will review the applicant pool and select candidates to be interviewed or will designate the department chair to do same.
    3. The dean will invite faculty member(s) in the department and/or division, whenever possible, to participate in interviewing the candidate(s).
    4. Candidate(s) selected will be notified by the dean.
    5. The dean will send to the Human Resources Department the application form and/or resume of the candidate selected along with an unofficial transcript if no official transcript is available.
    6. The Human Resources Department will mail necessary tax and enrollment forms to the new hires including a request for an official transcript.
  3. Procedures for Evaluation
    1. The dean, working with the program/department chair, is responsible for the evaluation of part-time faculty.
    2. All part-time instructors are evaluated by students every quarter using a standardized form.
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