Procedure Number: IS47-17
Title: Catalog in Force
Date Approved: 3/7/00
Updated & Approved: 10/10/05
Related Policy 3354:2-47-17



Each student's academic requirements are based on the catalog which is in force during the student's first semester at Lakeland Community College. Exceptions to the above may be necessary when changes in certification or licensure standards mandate changes in academic requirements or in college programs.

For programs that include an application for admission, the catalog in force is defined at the time of admission to the program. Students may elect to complete their certificate or degree requirements under a subsequent catalog but must use a single catalog and not a combination of catalogs.

Additionally, courses in some disciplines occasionally may be deleted, changed, or developed; therefore, the college may require substitutions to reflect these changes.

NOTE: Students who do not enroll in courses for two consecutive years must fulfill the requirements of the catalog in force at the time of re-admission or may elect a subsequent catalog.

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