Policy Number: 3354:2-20-36
Title: Overtime/Compensatory Time
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 12/7/00
Updated & Approved: 03/06/2003
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  1. General Conditions Governing Overtime/Compensatory Time
    1. Overtime/compensatory time is paid/accrued when, with prior supervisory approval, a staff employee is compensated for 40 hours worked and/or holiday in a one week period commencing at midnight Saturday.
      1. The rate of pay for hours designated as overtime shall be one and one-half times the employee's regular hourly pay rate, including shift differential, where applicable.
      2. Compensatory hours are credited at a rate of one and one-half hours per overtime hour worked.
        1. Part-time employees are not eligible to accrue compensatory time.
        2. Use of compensatory hours is subject to supervisory approval.
        3. Compensatory hours may be accrued to a maximum of sixty hours but the entire balance must be cleared by the end of the college fiscal year (June 30). Exceptions must be approved by the College's Director for Human Resources and Organizational Development and the President.
        4. In the event an employee moves from one college department to another, unused accrued compensatory time must be utilized or compensated at the employee's current hourly rate before the change in assignment occurs.
        5. Upon separation from the college, employees shall be compensated at the current hourly rate for unused accrued compensatory time.
    2. Overtime/compensatory time should be voluntary whenever possible, but may be assigned with reasonable advance notice under extenuating circumstances.
    3. When employees are assigned more than forty hours in a given week, the employee should be allowed to choose between overtime and compensatory time whenever possible, but in no case will he/she be required to work on a compensatory time basis.
    4. No employee may work more than sixteen hours in any consecutive twenty-four hour period.
    5. When a full-time staff member works during a college holiday, the employee shall receive the regular holiday pay and their regular hourly rate for hours worked. The overtime rate and/or the emergency differential rate will take effect where applicable.
  2. Pay for Hours Worked and Not Worked During Emergency College Closures
    Emergency college closures are defined by Policy 3354:2-8-01
    1. Pay for hours scheduled but not worked
      1. Full-time continuing and temporary and part-time continuing and temporary (in positions of greater than six months) employees will be paid for hours they were scheduled and willing and able to work but did not work due to college closure.
      2. Employees scheduled, but not planning to work due to reported illness, vacation, or personal reasons will have the number of scheduled hours deducted from the appropriate benefit accrual.
    2. Pay for hours worked
      1. Full-time continuing and temporary and part-time continuing and temporary (in positions of greater than six months) employees are eligible to be paid at an 'emergency' pay rate for hours actually worked.
        1. Full-time continuing and temporary status employees scheduled, and required by their supervisor to work during the period the college is closed, will be paid their regular rate of pay for those scheduled hours plus one and one-half their regular rate of pay for each hour actually worked.
        2. Payment for the hours actually worked may be converted to compensatory time, at the rate of one and one-half hour per hour worked, upon approval of the supervisor.
      2. Part-time continuing and temporary (in positions of greater than six months)
        1. Part-time continuing status employees will be paid in accordance with paragraph B.(2)(a).
  3. Pay for Call-in Hours Worked
    1. Continuing status staff employees called-in to work due to an emergency, and not as a substitute for another employee, are eligible to receive a minimum of two hours' straight-time call-in pay at their regular base wage including shift differential.

NOTE: Effective December 1, 1995

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